Scoliosis is one of the most concerned issue faced by parents, there are about 2.55% of adolescent in Malaysia are detected with Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine curves to either side of body and sometimes rotate on its vertical axis, curving to the front and back of the body.  In short, this 3-dimensional change will bring many negative effects including cosmetic effects and possibility of health complications of the individual. Scoliosis is not a systemic disease, the word “Scoliosis” is a Greek word which means “Crooked”. Our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled to offer you the best method of non-operative scoliosis therapy. Call us today for free screening and let us help you!


Scoliosis can be classified into two main types:

  1.   Congenital, whereby the deformity of the spine already exists when the child is born.


   2. Idiopathic, which mean there is unknown cause. Scoliosis in this  case present itself as a complication of neurological conditions.


80% of the scoliosis cases fall into the category of Adolescence Idiopathic Scoliosis. 

The spine curve to such an extent that it become very obvious and worsens over a period of 2-3 years especially during the time of growth spurt at age around 9 years for girls and 12 for boys. In many occasions, parents are concerned and asked why their child has scoliosis. While the answer varies from case to case, the most common cause is still unknown. That is why parents are advised to bring their children for screening and get Scoliosis Therapy as soon as they realised before the condition worsens.


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Common findings of idiopathic scoliosis include:

  1. Abnormal Curve of the Spine

  2. Uneven Shoulders

  3. Prominent Shoulder blade and rib cage, especially when bending forward

  4. Uneven hips

  5. Difference in leg length

  6. Abnormal Walking Pattern


Let’s start from the basic one in which we called it Adam’s Forward Test.  An individual is asked to bend forward with both palms between the knees. If a hump is noted on one side of the chest or low back, or if one of the shoulder blades is higher, then an X-ray should be taken to confirm if it is Scoliosis.

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X-ray should be taken from the Side (Lateral View)  and from the back (AP View). An individual with Scoliosis will show the spine in a shape of “C” or “S” in the AP view.  At the same time, the curvature of the spine will be measure on the X-ray using Cobb Angle.  If the Cobb Angle is more than 10 degree then the person is diagnosed with Scoliosis.

Patients will always be advised with different plans of treatment depending on the degree of curvature. Normally observation is done every 4-6 month to observe the curve progression. If the progression is more than 5 degrees between 2 follow ups then the case is considered significant and fast action need to be taken in order to prevent further deterioration.

The main goal of our scoliosis is to stabilize the weak spine and the accessory ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are related to proper spinal function.  Our teams will assess your spine and joints and design the best treatment plan for you.

Our skilled physiotherapists are known for teaching the Scoliosis Directed Exercises which are effective for rehabilitation of the weak and tight muscles. The Schroth Exercise Technique from Germany are customized exercises based on the deformity of the spine which stretch the tight or short muscles and strengthen the weak muscles.

In cases with a Cob’s Angle more than 20 degrees, patients are recommended to use a customised brace to maintain a corrected body posture. In One Spine Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Centre, we practice SpineCor treatment, a dynamic bracing solution for managing scoliosis. Spinecor bracing is uniquely custom-fitted to your specific need, unlike other hard braces, Spinecor brace is easy to put on and take off and worn comfortably under clothing allowing you to carry on with your daily life including sporting activities.  In our centre, we treat scoliosis with breakthrough spine and joints technology and advanced rehabilitative and exercises programs that others do not offer. Let us help you today , contact us now !


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